Rome Powder Division Swallow Tail 148 2019 Snowboard uni Tablas 543529

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Quick, powerful turns and immense floatation in the pow - the Rome Powder Division Swallow Tail​

The Rome Powder Division collection features three board profiles with different shapes and floatation technology. Tuned especially to ride powder. The Powder Division Swallow Tail is the shortest and widest board in the Powder Division collection. Technologies such as the Powder-S 3D Camber profile combined with a swallow tail creates a board with unbelievable float and manoeuvrability.

Riding Style
A freeride/powder board for intermediate to advanced level riders. Shape, design, profile and construction have been specially designed to deliver the best performance in powder. Maximum flotation and manoeuvrability for deepest snow.

The nose of the directional shape is longer than the tail. The bindings and the sidecut are slightly set back towards the tail. This increases stability at higher speeds and the float in powder. The Swallowtail increases the effective edge at a short board-length for quick, buoyant, snappy turns in powder. A tapered shape means the nose is wider than the tail, this enhances deep snow flotation. 

The Powder-S 3D profile combines a spoon-shaped 3D rocker nose with a classic camber under the bindings. This provides a lot of float at the front and stability and edge control at the back.

The medium-stiff flex provides you with a lively board that allows you to stay in control at all speeds and pop over everything.

The Pop Core Matrix features two zones of ultra-lightweight wood converge with a body of snappy responsive poplar for a buttery yet high-powered flex. The StraightBiax Carbon laminate comes with integrated carbon strands to increase the pop of the 90-degree BIAX fibreglass. TurboRods bring a new approach to loading ollies and building pop. Rome starts by milling channels into the board’s core, then they insert carbon rods that rest freely inside sleeves with a single point of attachment. The rod is anchored only towards the centre area of the board, leaving the outside tip of the rod to flex freely inside the sleeve. This means the TurboRods engage the tip and tail of the board to load maximum spring, creating a more active flex pattern and effectively self-dampening after pop occurs.

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  • Flotabilidad máxima en nieve virgen
  • Menor rozamiento, mayor flotabilidad y agilidad
  • Artículo nº: 543529
  • Estilo:
    • Freeride
    • All Mountain
  • Niveles:
    • Experto
    • Avanzado
  • Rigidez: 7
  • Suela: sinterizada
    Extruded: low maintenance and extremely durable, ideal for jibbers and weekend shredders
    Sintered: hard and fast, but a little higher maintenance, the best choice for powder
    Premium: highest quality and speed with carbon/graphite additives
  • Longitud (cm): 148 cm
  • Radio de curvatura: 7.0/6.6 m
    Cuanto más pequeño sea el valor del radio, más facilidad de giro tendrá la tabla. Sin embargo, un radio mayor proporciona una mayor suavidad a gran velocidad.
  • Canto efectivo: 115 cm
    La parte del canto que está en contacto con la nieve. Menor longitud = agilidad. Mayor longitud = mayor control.
  • Ancho de la cintura: 28.4 cm
  • Longitud del nose: 27 cm
  • Longitud del tail: 6 cm
  • Setback: 20 mm
    La fijación trasera se encuentra en una posición más retrasada, X mm hacia el tail para facilitar la flotabilidad en nieve virgen.
  • Stance: 47.5cm / 63.5cm
    Separación de los pies (stance) - Distancia mínima/máxima
  • Núcleo: wood
  • Peso del rider: 61.0kg / 91.0kg
  • Características: downsize
  • Pop core matrix
  • StraightBiax carbon laminate
  • TurboRods: Carbon Single Barrel
  • SinterStrong sidewalls
  • SinterTrue base

Rome Powder Division Swallow Tail 148 2019 Snowboard uni Tablas 543529

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